What do EJA and EJC mean?
The European Juggling Association (EJA) is a non-profit association that helps the organization of the European Juggling Convention (EJC), the biggest circus convention in the world that takes place in a different European city, every year since 1978.
What is EJC Videos about?
It's a website that contains all (or almost all) videos recorded at the EJC and uploaded to YouTube.

EJC Videos is not responsible for the content of the videos.
Why is EJC Videos useful?
  • Promotion: Your videos will get more views.
  • Energy saving: We made the hard work (looking for all videos) and you do not need to waste your energy to repeat the process.
  • Comfort: All videos of each EJC in one playlist... Call your friends, prepare pop-corn, choose your favorite spot on the couch, just one click and enjoy for hours!
How does a playlist work?
The latest added video is listed in the first possition. When the current video ends, the next one is played automatically. You can access the video list by clicking on the top left icon; a menu will open and you can select the video that you want to watch.

The controls are the same as controls on YouTube. In the bottom right corner you can find the icon to watch the video in full screen.
    Does someone earn money with EJCv?
    Nobody. We are doing this job with love. We will never add advertisements in this website. We will not have sponsors. We do not have financial profit from any of the added videos.
    How can I collaborate?
    • Adding videos.
    • Sharing this website on social nets.
    • Notifying mistakes on this website.
    How can I add some videos?
    Send the links of the videos using the Contact form
    Can I watch the videos on YouTube?
    Yes, you can: here. But this website run faster than YouTube.
    I have more questions...
    Great! You are awesome. You can contact us here. Ask all that you want.
    The history of EJCv.
    When EJC 2012 finished, Ray was looking for videos of the parade, without success. He spent a lot of time and he thought 'How many jugglers did the same that me? How many jugglers will repeat this process? It would be nice if there were a way to share all videos that I found because it is not clever that several thousand jugglers spend their time doing the same effort. We are wasting our time and energy!'. Finally the idea turned into real in 2015.
    Technical issues.
    This site uses Google technologie and some cookies will download in your temporary internet folder. Probably you see a notify; you can ignore it. That notify does not appear in some countries because they have a different law.

    If you use Chrome, you must enable the tracker 'Google AJAX Search API'.