Hello circus lovers!

   I'm Ray (Canary Islands) and I created EJCvideos because I believe that it's very useful to promote the circus around the world. I don't like to watch circus videos but one thing I like is to find friends in the EJC videos.

   I was born one day that I don't remember but I'm pretty sure that I was very young. My first contact with a juggling toy (pois) was in 2006. In that moment my life changed in a better way. Since 2006 I do social activities using my circus skills. I organized meetings, conventions, workshops,... I also created RepEspEJA, RedNoseProject and MdE. I am the EJA Spanish Representative since 2014. Now I'm very happy because I found my vocation teaching clown and circus.

   I hope that you will like EJCv and that you will promote it to your friends (this way we will collect more and more links).

   If you want to know more about me: Click here.

   Circus and love!
                          Ray. :o)