Hi there! I'm Wis, a diabolo player from Valladolid (Spain), with 10 years of experience and I have already been to 5 EJCs. I'm a CircoForum and Diabolo.ca moderator, the European Juggling Association Spanish Representative (Ray) assistant, a 'Malabaristas de España' (Jugglers from Spain) Facebook group administrator and the EJC Diabolo Battle organizer, among others. I like to be involved, to feel that I'm collaborating to make grow nice ideas and to motivate people.

I'm a big fan of juggling videos that will keep an eye out for each EJC video that crosses my path in order to list them down in this channel! You videos can run, but you'll never hide! (But let us know if you find a video that it's hidded from our playlists, please). :)

   And now... go back to training!